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6 Years in the making. Rebirth comes to life once more.

Written and directed by Roger Conners, Rebirth was conceived as a tribute film to George A. Romero's iconic masterpiece Night of the Living Dead.  Tragically, the film was thought to be lost until miraculously the hard drives were restored, and the film as you know it was reborn.

No Pun intended. 

With the helps of editing team Michael Kunz and Malachi Pulte of Disposable Entertainment, the footage was digitally adapted, restored, and in some instances completely resuscitated with with the help of extensive CGI.  

Starring Aswan Harris (Ben) Roger Conners (Adam) Rachel Anderson (Mrs. Cooper) Al Hudson (Revered Cooper) Brad Arner (Tom) Talyor Nelms (Judy) and Jim Strang (George) 


Rebirth is what independent cinema is all about.

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